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31 augustus 2022 •

After a difficult delivery, I was hoping for a nice breastfeeding period. Unfortunately, things turned out differently and after a few days I was left with cracked nipples, starting breast inflammation and everyone told me to continue, that everything went well and that it could hurt for a while. What a relief it was when Jessie told me that breastfeeding didn’t have to be painful at all and what a party it was to let Jessie visit us and let us feel like we could ask her everything! In peace she showed us how we could best feed, how we could let the baby burp and she showed postures to relieve the little one of the cramps. After her visit we thought that it would really take some time to pick up everything. But jeez, after a few days we had a completely different child! So much peace has come. Not only for the little one but also for me/us! After a few days my nipples had healed and I have been able to feed without pain ever since. What a difference! Jessie, we are really grateful to you!